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US rentals rise 12% in 2010; Avg. price of home for sale falls 10%

Food for thought: The average rental price rose almost 12% in 2010 while the average price of homes for sale dropped about 10%. Recently a well-qualified (making over $250K in verified income) client of mine was beat out 3 times in the “race to find a rental” in Scottsdale.  Many folks made the switch out of necessity (they lacked the means to maintain the home they owned) or it just was financially more prudent to rent in certain cities.  However, it looks like the tides have changed.

If you are in the market to rent and have the means to buy, now might be the time to consider purchasing– or perhaps purchasing a place to rent out.

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"Despite an upward trend in permits, we are unlikely to see affordable supply growing in the short or medium term, unless we start to redefine our thoughts about what is affordable: $300,000, or maybe even $350,000." - The Cromford Report 3/12/18

I've NEVER been a hard sell agent. I give you good info. You use it to make good decisions. If you're buying a home under $300K this spring in Metro Phoenix, carefully ingest this info. Then CALL ME to create a plan. YES- you need a plan. **This is one of the most competitive markets I've seen in years.**

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