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Are you thinking about selling your home?  The monthly median sales price of a home in Maricopa County was $108,100 at the bottom of the housing bust in Metro Phoenix (May 2011). As of January 2017, that number now stands at $226,000- an increase of 109%! Today, we are stable with values rising steadily since 2015. Historically, increases of 3-4% annually are typical. Besides home values, there are many more statistics to consider, relative to your home and neighborhood, before you decide to list your home. I have this information readily available to share with you and will guide you through this process.

How much is my home worth?

The most important step to selling your home, besides the best representation, is knowing what it’s worth. I can determine the value for you with a free home value report.  The benefit of starting with the value is knowing exactly how much equity you have in your home and what your proceeds might be if you sold at various prices.  Here’s why knowing what your home value and projected proceeds are can benefit you before you list:

  • Tapping into your home equity may allow you to make repairs & net an even higher sales proceed.
  • Home equity or a better loan program might allow you to buy your next home before selling your existing one for a less stressful transition.
  • If you need to sell quickly and net proceeds aren’t a deterrent, we can devise an aggressive strategy to meet your timelines.
  • If you have less equity, to maximize proceeds we can seek alternatives to avoid your bringing money to the table to close.

Until you know the value of your home and estimated proceeds today, it’s difficult to plan for a sale tomorrow. Because this info is dynamic, we may need to repeat this analysis a few times before you’re ready to proceed. Request your FREE home value report.

Why do I need you, Camille Swanson?

My entire career has been in some capacity of sales, advertising or marketing. I’ve done it all- Media Buyer, Copy-writer, Designer, & Campaign Analyst, to name a few. After starting my career in an NYC ad agency, I now start every listing strategy by identifying the key features and/or challenges of the property and developing a profile of the likely buyer to determine the best way to prepare and execute a marketing strategy.

Then, I craft “call-to-action” pieces about my product (the property) and deliver the message in multiple formats (web, word-of-mouth, video, print, etc.).  Curious about what this means? Every buyer receives messages differently. Contact me for samples of previous marketing materials I used to sell my listings. After buyers see the property, I gauge their motivation, and negotiate a sale that will benefit YOUR goals & needs.

Even though I’ve sold hundreds of homes in the best and worst of our market, I don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to sell my listings. Every Seller has different goals and needs– besides “making as much money as you can”. I help you to determine your “ideal selling scenario” by asking you lots of questions like: Where will you move if we had an offer tomorrow? How much do you owe on your home? Then we address each of your considerations in the sale strategy.

You will see my qualifications by asking me questions like: Can I list my house tomorrow or does it need work to be “show ready”? How will we know if a buyer can complete the purchase? How much time do I have after accepting an offer before I have to move out of my home? I use hard data (numbers), to answer your questions and complete your strategy. Negotiating the contract, inspections and closing are where I really shine!

Throughout my decade plus career, I’ve utilized an infinite number of strategies to sell all kinds of homes, from ramshackle to luxurious. My definition of success is knowing that at the end of your sale, you’ll have all of your questions answered and can feel relief in moving toward the next chapter in your life. Every action I take is intended to fully prepare you for all possible scenarios of selling your home.

After you know how much your home is worth and what you can net in a sale, you might realize that it doesn’t make financial sense to sell today. Sadly, I’ve known Sellers who didn’t consider this before they decide to list their home. There aren’t many ways out of a sale contract for Sellers in Arizona. Ask yourself, “Do I want to list my home?” or “Do I want to sell my home?” They are not one and the same. But knowing that answer can help you determine whether you are truly ready to start the process.

I think I’m ready to move ahead. What now?

Please call or text me at (602) 810-1750 or email me and we can get started right away. I’m very creative with my Sellers and will help you determine what MUST be done to make sure your home puts its best foot forward to attract a Buyer.  I look forward to working with you and walking you away from the closing table with your check in hand and a smile on your face!

How to Stage Your Home

Staged homes, sell faster! Check out my videos “8 Tips to Get Your Home Sold Now” then check out my page Success with Staging Listings. First impressions are everything. Make sure your home is “show-ready” before you go on the market and don’t lose a single buyer because you were still “wrapping up details”.

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