We've been under construction since, Friday March 9th. It hasn't been easy and it has at times just been tedious. Here's what can happen at times when renovating a kitchen...

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Some of my favorite moments during this project:

  • The 2 guys who hung the drywall & reinstalled the upper cabinets tried (unsuccessfully) to convince me that they had hung the cabinets & did the drywall properly, despite the fact that I showed them with THEIR level that the cabinets were not. Both sides of upper cabinets actually sloped toward the middle, over the sink. The contractors didn't frame around the heavy metal HVAC ducts to secure it and just drywalled right over the top.
    • They then tried to explain that when you hang cabinets that you have to line them up with the ceiling which is frequently not level (TRUE), so everything will be unlevel. However, cabinets are hung on the studs in the wall and are completely independent of what is above them.
    • The crown molding they hung around the cabinets was installed so poorly that it actually called attention to the fact that the cabinets were not level. The molding also didn't run flush between the soffit and top of the upper cabinets because it wasn't built so the width across the entire span was consistently the same measurement.
    • After nearly 4 hours of arguing about it, and countless insignificant "fixes", I made one call to the construction project manager and sent a few pics. Needless to say, they had to pull it all out and start over... I can assure you, I may look pretty stupid in my high heels walking through a construction site, but I really do know what I'm talking about.
  • Said contractor also apparently installs tile... sadly, he didn't do so hot there either. He used a few tiles on the floor that were were actually the wrong tiles. Didn't really match at all. Add to the fact that they started with the tile first- before the paint, before the granite... before anything else really. They swore up an down they could and would cover the tile so that the tiles & the grout would be protected... last I heard, they needed to regrout the floors because it was "dirty" from the construction... [DOH!]
  • Finally, the herringbone backsplash was installed really wonky at first. He tried (again unsuccessfully) to convince me that he had set the backsplash tile correctly, despite the fact that the homeowner wanted it set on a 45-degree angle. It was really about 30-35 degrees, so he pulled it out and started over and did it on the 45. However, instead of using spacers, he just slapped it all up there. The result you ask? Disastrous! Between some bricks, there was easily a half-inch gap and between others, you couldn't slide a piece of paper in between them. So, it all had to be ripped out and started over. [sigh] Fortunately, the new guys are GOOD!

I have to say, the construction project manager is AH-MAZING!!! He has been very responsive despite the fact that at any time I call him, he could be in Buckeye, S. Scottsdale or someplace on the Westside. He's a keeper!

More to come!


The End Result:

One. Happy. Seller. The paint was barely dry and the photos barely processed when we listed this house for sale at $490K on 5/22/15- Memorial Day weekend. We had showings immediately an open house with 40+ groups of visitors through and were able to pick up 2 cash offers by 5/26. We closed the sale on 6/29/15 for $480K cash.  The house actually closed before her bill was due and payable... not bad.


Several others got the same treatment. If you'd like to know you can have similar success, call/text/email me and we can work up a customized plan just for you and your homes!


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