Kitchen in 85254 "Everyone loves to remodel..." "Moving is FUN!" I can't imagine anyone agreed with either of those statements... but, we all love to see other people do both. In fact, I'm sure this is what keeps the entire HGTV Network, among others, thriving.

My client wants to sell her home in Scottsdale 85254.  Before she does, she will upgrade her kitchen and do a few other things to feel more consistent with the other work she's already done there. We all know everyone has an opinion- and she wants yours!

Tell my seller which of these Dunn Edwards colors would sell her kitchen:

1- Wooden Peg, 2- Pigeon Gray, 3- Fine Grain, or 4- Crisp Muslin?

Email, text or reply on my Facebook Page!

The goal: a fresh, modern & neutral space with broad appeal to buyers. Let us know by 3P on 3/18/15 tomorrow so we can give the painters enough time to get going!!

The cabinets will be paired with this granite slab:


For the full project rundown, check out my original blog post!

The End Result:

One. Happy. Seller. The paint was barely dry and the photos barely processed when we listed this house for sale at $490K on 5/22/15- Memorial Day weekend. We had showings immediately an open house with 40+ groups of visitors through and were able to pick up 2 cash offers by 5/26. We closed the sale on 6/29/15 for $480K cash.  The house actually closed before her bill was due and payable... not bad.


Several others got the same treatment. If you'd like to know you can have similar success, call/text/email me and we can work up a customized plan just for you and your homes!


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