1. Not having to answer to a landlord.
  2. Paying YOUR mortgage & expenses beats paying someone else’s
  3. Being able to tap into your home equity in case of emergency.
  4. Appreciation (MORE MONEY!) if/when you’re ready to sell.
  5. Not having to move because your landlord booted you.
  6. Being able to deduct the mortgage interest from your taxable income.
  7. Knowing that your housing cost won’t increase much unless YOU cause it.
  8. Knowing any improvements you make directly benefit your quality of living AND your home’s value.
  9. Once your mortgage is paid off, it’s one less expense & you STILL have a place to live!
  10. The cost of owning the average home in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Metro area still costs LESS than renting it! (No, really... look at the chart!)
Buy vs. Rent in Phoenix/Scottsdale Table NY Times- Buy vs. Rent Calculator







Please call me when you've decided you're ready to stop giving your landlord your hard-earned money so you make it work for you! I'll help you buy your own home and start reaping the benefits of home ownership today!

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