"Security" is a big buzz word these days...

I of all people am acutely aware of how much security impacts us. Even though you're probably thinking about your technology, I'm a Realtor®. I'm talking about security at your home.

I absolutely LOVE this concept- form & function to keep homes secure! We all want to keep our homes safe and there are a million ways to do it. Let's just say that some aren't as aesthetically pleasing as others... However, my hat's off to Fancy Fence out of Poland. I think they nailed it...

We should all aspire to be as stylish as the Europeans, but realistically this is probably not a solution for most styles of architecture. BUT, if you've got anything in the spectrum of contemporary or modern architecture, you're covered!

Even though it's not available in the US yet, I give it a year before we start seeing it in the 'burbs or LA, SF, NY, DC or Miami. Someone's going to "have to have it" and the holidays are around the corner... :)

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