Away from your desk and need to scan and send files NOW? If you're in the middle of a real estate transaction, there's a good chance it'll happen. What's the fast, easy AND FREE solution to get it done?? Watch & find out.

Of course, there's an app for this (and just about everything else...), but "app fatigue" is real. I don't want another new: login, account, subscription, etc. (or more ads)... I love Dropbox, but you may not. Look no farther than your iPhone camera. Your stock iOS "Files" app puts a legit scanner in the palm of your hand. I tried to teach my cute age 80-something client to scan some forms I needed from her, but she sent them to me snail mail. Though it wasn't her "thing", doesn't mean it's hard. It just wasn't her cup of tea, but could be perfect for you. 

Think of it as another tool in your toolbox. If nothing else, at least you get a cool party trick to show off!