Years ago, I concluded the 3 best “bang for the buck” improvements before listing a home are: paint, landscaping & lighting. Today, we’re tackling lighting. Before listing a home in Corriente Condominiums, Scottsdale, Arizona, we recommended upgrading the lighting throughout. Here's how it went

Lighting has come a long way since the CFL bulbs tha took a while to warm up. Today’s recessed lights have integrated LED bulbs, are often have multiple “temperature” settings (warmer to cooler hues) and are even more efficient than their predecessors. Our sellers, who were already fed up with what felt like “dim” spaces, were happy to make the upgrade and I’m happy to say we’re now in escrow!

You don't need to be a seller to take advantage of this upgrade. I recommend them to buyers to instantly update their newly-purchased homes, for rapid appreciation and better energy efficiency at home too.