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How to Know Whether Refinancing Your Mortgage Makes Sense (Video)

I’ve talked to lots of clients recently about refinancing their homes. Rates are low- in some cases they’re as low as they were when they last bought or refinanced, but there’s more to choosing to refinance than just knowing whether “rates are lower today than what I’ve got”. Here’s some valuable information for Phoenix & Scottsdale homeowners to know whether it’s time to refinance their home loan.

I’m trying something new. Instead of a written blog, here’s a video instead:


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"Despite an upward trend in permits, we are unlikely to see affordable supply growing in the short or medium term, unless we start to redefine our thoughts about what is affordable: $300,000, or maybe even $350,000." - The Cromford Report 3/12/18

I've NEVER been a hard sell agent. I give you good info. You use it to make good decisions. If you're buying a home under $300K this spring in Metro Phoenix, carefully ingest this info. Then CALL ME to create a plan. YES- you need a plan. **This is one of the most competitive markets I've seen in years.**

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